Anxious Patients

At Sandy Bay Dental Centre we understand that many patients experience fear or anxiety when attending the dentist. This is often due to a phobia, specific medical condition or traumatic negative experience. Our experienced staff at Sandy Bay Dental Centre have a vested interest in catering for these patients and helping ensure that their experience is a positive one. Feeling a little anxious? Arrive for your appointment 15 minutes earlier and take a seat in our massage chair for some relaxation. We have various methods of cognitive behavioural therapy in place to help provide some reassurance. However, for severely anxious patients we do offer other options.

If you are feeling a little anxious why not come in 20 minutes earlier to your appointment and enjoy a massage in our chair.

General Anaesthetic

A general anaesthetic can be arranged for complicated or serious procedures. This will be determined within your treatment planning. This treatment will be then undertaken at the local day surgery, with the assistance of a general anaesthetist.

Oral Sedation

For mild anxiety we can offer Oral Sedation. This form of oral sedation is a prescribed medication which is administered by your dentist. This needs to be discussed with your dentist within a consultation prior to treatment as regulations do apply. On the day of treatment, you will require a support person to accompany you to and from your appointment.’

Happy Gas

Happy gas is a safe, easy way to calm anxiety during your dental treatment. It is a safe sedation option for patients of all ages. Happy gas has been used throughout the medical profession for many years as a mild sedative and it has no lasting side effects. Upon inhaling and during treatment, patients will experience feelings of deep relaxation. This will diminish stress and anxiety levels to make your treatment a positive experience. Effects will cease when the patient stops inhaling.