General Dentistry

Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal Therapy)

Damage caused by decay or injury to the exterior of a tooth can often be fixed by dental treatments such as fillings, but once the infection gets inside the tooth and affects the dental pulp, then endodontic treatment - also known as root canal therapy - may be required to save the tooth. 

A root canal is a dental procedure that removes the infected dental pulp, cleans the affected area and seals it to prevent any bacteria from entering, preserving the interior of the tooth.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

For some of us wisdom teeth can start growing from our early teenage years right up to our mid-twenties. While they may not cause problems in the early stages of development, they may cause discomfort and pain later down the track. 

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White Fillings

Traditional fillings were usually made of silver amalgam or mercury which aren't very aesthetically pleasing and are thought to actually put the tooth at a higher risk of fracture. 

White fillings are now available so people will no longer have silver glinting from the dark corners, when they open their mouths.

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